Rolled Aluminum materials are processed as panel shape then fixed with Screw in M-bar which is ceiling-structure. This system is strong to maintain a building because of firm assembling therefore it is good for as buildings’ canopy or ceiling of petrol station where is affected by wind pressure. Size is various; 100mm, 200mm or 300mm.

∗ The real(actural) colour may differ from screen

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W H A1 A2 T
SWSP 100S 100 13 15 12 0.5 ALLUMINUM
SWSP 200S 180 18 30 15 0.6 ALLUMINUM
SWSP 300S 280 18 30 15 0.7/0.8 ALLUMINUM

» Way to construct

Coiled Aluminum material is manufactured and fixed on the ceiling frame with screw

» Characteristics

1. Spandrel is fixed in M-BAR frame with screws. It is able to order 100mm,200mm and 300mm
2. It is widely constructed in building’s canopy or as patrol station’ ceiling where is affected by wind pressure
3. Spandrels with small holes would be best choice for places where sound absorbing and sound proof is need

» Painting

Coated roll material is commonly used but polyester power spray painting also available

» Standard

Spandrel quality standard: KSD 7081

Material standard: KSD6701 and KSD3528.

» Subsidiary Materials